Hamburger meat mix - For food safety and great meat flavor start grinding your own choice meat. 

Best blends for delicious Ground Hamburger (juiciness and flavor is in the fat).

Some prefer mixing chuck roast with beef brisket but my choice is by far.. Choice beef sirloin and choice beef short rib (remove any bone).

Grind ratio:
1/3 amount beef short rib to 2/3 beef sirloin

For excellent added seasoning flavor during cooking, season patties with only these 2 spices - Lawry’s garlic salt and black pepper.​

Ground meat food safety concerns: If under cooked, it can lead to sickness and food poisoning. In a whole cut from an animal, the interior of the meat is essentially sterile, even before cooking; any bacterial contamination is on the outer surface of the meat. When meat is ground, bacterial contamination from the surface can be distributed throughout the meat. If ground beef is not well cooked all the way through, there is a significant chance that enough pathogenic bacteria will survive to cause illness, moreover the warming will speed the reproduction of bacteria. All raw meats can carry harmful bacteria on the outside of it, it is important to cook all meat properly to kill the bacteria that can cause food poisoning. -  ALL RECIPES